Dowd Irrigation is the best Irrigation contractor in New Jersey. We have over 3000 commercial and residential customers that we have catered to for over 35 years. We're highly experienced, reliable and qualified to service your property. From landscape lighting to lawn care, Dowd Irrigation offers services that keep your property beautiful, and keeps you worry-free.

Landscape Lighting

Our outdoor lighting professional design is the key to making your landscape an inviting, safe environment after dark. Our cutting edge designs highlight the landscape aesthetics of your property, providing both safety and shadowing effects which can be accomplished with up lighting and down lighting fixtures. We offer unparalleled service and support.


In the winter, all sprinkler systems must be shut down properly. Dowd Irrigation provides a "Winterize" or a "Sprinkler Blow out" service to remove every drop of water from your lawn sprinkler system to prevent freeze damage during the cold winter months. Winterizing your sprinkler system on time prevents expensive damages and safeguards your investment.

Summer Service

With the temperature reaching 80°F in the summer, Dowd Irrigation provides a mid-summer service to ensure your lawn sprinkler system is operating at peak performance. We do a thorough inspection of the entire system, check the sprinkler lines for any leaks, and optimize the system for the hot summer days.

Spring Service

In the spring, when temperatures begin to rise, your sprinkler system needs to be started to prevent your lawn from turning brown. Dowd Irrigation provides the spring service to start up your lawn sprinkler system. We turn on the water, check the sprinkler lines for any leaks, and optimize the system for the season.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Service

Dowd Irrigation provides the best lawn sprinkler system repair services in New Jersey, We undertake all types of repair jobs, including repair/replacement of broken water lines, sprinkler heads, zone controllers, irregular water distribution, and more. No matter the problem, we get it done!

Lawn Sprinkler Installation Service

As the highest-rated lawn sprinkler contractor, Dowd Irrigation provides the best lawn sprinkler system installation. Installation includes trenching, connecting the water source, installing shut-off valves, working with PVC pipe, building a valve manifold, connecting wires, and programming the timer.

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