Summer Service

With decades of experience servicing lawn sprinkler systems, multiple service crews, and maintaining over 3000 New Jersey residential and commercial properties, we provide the most needed mid-summer service to ensure your lawn sprinkler system is running at peak performance.

How We Can Help?

Everyone likes lush green grass in their lawn, which gives a healthy look and adds to the beauty of the property. But it is not easy to keep that look as it needs constant watering and maintenance. Watering manually can be difficult during summers when the temperature is about 90°F to 100°F. This is when a sprinkler system comes in handy

Working Process

In summers, when the temperatures are high, we recommend our mid-summer service that ensures your system is running at its peak performance.

By checking the schedule, depth, coverage, and each zone, we ensure that you don’t have any problems and your lawn gets adequate water throughout the hot summer months. |

  • 1.Contact us using the form on the website for a summer service
  • 2. The owner Patrick Dowd will contact you for an appointment
  • 3.Our expert crew will visit your property and complete the summer service
  • 4.Maintenance and automated alerts by email

Video Commercials

Dowd Irrigation is the leading provider of lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance. Here are some of the videos you may have seen on TV and on the internet.

Services Features:

When we visit for the mid-summer service, here are some of the maintenance tasks we perform.

Other Services offered for lawn sprinkler maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical summer service is completed in less than an hour. A service crew will visit your property with the required materials and equipment to thoroughly inspect and tune-up your lawn sprinkler system.
Dowd Irrigation provides automated text and email based alerts 3 times a year to ensure your sprinkler system is working at optimum capacity.
In the spring we restart the system, In summer we do a complete system check and tune-up. And in the winter we come and prepare the system to be shut down to prevent any freeze damage.
All you have to do is respond to our easy, automated service announcements and our crew will come and service your sprinkler system.
Other than our summer service and lawn sprinkler maintenance, Dowd Irrigation also offers landscape lighting, sprinkler inspections for prospective property owners and lawn care.
As soon as you contact us using the contact form, the owner Patrick Dowd will call or email you for an appointment. Once you are happy with the details, a highly experienced service crew will visit your property and service your sprinkler system.