Timer Manuals

Timer manuals for sprinkler manufacturers - Hunter and Rain Bird

Rain Bird

  • RC-C
    (Includes models RC-4C, RC-7C, RC-1260C, RC-7A)
    RC-C Manual
  • ESP Series
    (Includes models ESP-4, ESP-6, ESP-8)
    ESP Manual
  • E-Class Series
    (Includes models E-3i, E-3, E-6i, E-6, E-9i, E-9, E-12i, E-12)
    E-Class Manual

Programming Videos

System Won't turn off and keeps running

This is a programming issue and is the result of multiple start times being incorrectly set.

Remember ! Set Only 1 start time for Program A.
This means the system will run 1 cycle once “per day schedule”.
Start times 2,3,4 in program A should be set to OFF.
All start times in Programs B,C,D should be set to OFF
Otherwise, the system will run multiple cycles per day schedule.

Multiple Programs (A, B, C, D )

All controllers have the capability to run multiple programs. A program is normally identified as Program A, B, C, or D. In certain situations, you may wish to run different areas of your system on different days and times. Maybe you have a well supplying the water on a large property and you wish to run half the system on even days and the remaining on odd days. Program A can be set to run odd days and consist of stations 1 thru 8 and program B could run on even days and run stations 9 thru 16.

We typically do not recommend setting multiple programs as it causes start time conflicts where in which Program A may be set to start at 2 am and have a total run time of 3 hours (finishing at 5 am.) and Program B may be set to start at 4 pm resulting in program A not completing a full cycle.

Programming Station Run Time

Station: a station, also sometimes referred to as a zone, is one section of your system controlled by a zone valve, which opens or closes supplying water to the system according to the controller (Timer) , for a specified operation run time. A typical system has 6 to 8 stations, some may be shrubs, some may be rear yard or front yard designations.

Station Run Time: is how many minutes you want a specific station to run. Most sunny lawn areas are set to 20 minutes, shady areas 12 minutes. Shrubbery is set to 8 minutes but not more than 12 minutes. A run time of zero will result in a station not activating

Programming Start Time

A single Start Time (Start Time 1), is simply the time you would like the system to start in the morning hours. Occasionally, you may want to set Multiple Start Times (start time 1,2,3, or 4 ) so that the system runs several times a day.

An application for multiple start times would be a newly sodded lawn. 

Normally, one start time is more than enough. All other start times should be set to OFF

Run Single Station Manually

All Single Station or All Stations: 
You may start either a single station manually or manually start an entire cycle of all the stations. Simply select the station you wish to operate and turn the dial quickly to “Run (auto)”

Manual Run Of All Stations

All Stations or Single Station: 
You may start either a single station manually or manually start an entire cycle of all the stations. Simply select the station you wish to operate and turn the dial quickly to “Run (auto)”

Programming Days of Operation

Programming Days of Operation: 
You can manually choose the days on which you want to set the controller to water your lawn

Days to Water to ODD or Even calendar days

All Single Station or All Stations: 
Instead of choosing the days manually. You can also choose ODD or EVEN days to water your lawn

Setting Pump Operations

Pump: This feature is not used. Do not change any settings here.

In certain situations a booster pump from an alternate water source, such as a pond or lake, may be activated by this feature.

Understanding Rain Sensor Bypass Switch

Rain Sensor Bypass: This switch position should always be set on ACTIVE. To ignore the rain sensor and run the system regardless of weather, set this to OFF. When the switch is in the Active position and the displays says anything other than the time, such as “SEN OFF” it means that the rain sensor has detected rain and will not permit the system to operate automatically or manually. Slid the switch to BYPASS to water manually if desired.

Reset Settings to default

Reset Settings to default:

“I screwed up my programming and need to go back in time!”

Rain Sensor Bypass

Seasonal Adjustment: The two up/down buttons will increase or decrease, by a percentage amount, the total watering Run Times on all the stations and all programs. Lets say you are experiencing extremely hot weather and decide to increase the watering percentage from the base line of 100% to let’s say 150%. What you did here is simply tell all run times to increase 50% above whatever the original base line run time set for each station run time in the “Station Run Times Menu”. Conversely, you may decrease watering globally by toggling the selector switch to 75 % thus decreasing all watering 25% from the original 100% base line settings.

Programming Tips

  1. Different plants have different watering needs. Understand what foliage your lawn and garden grows.
  2. Group stations or valves that require similar watering frequencies on the same program (such as A, B, or C)
  3. Enter only one start time for each program even when there are multiple stations or valves
  4. Enter different start times on different programs (A, B, C) to avoid overlap of water times.
  5. Use multiple start times if excessive runoff is a problem