Lawn Sprinkler Installation Service

With decades of experience installing lawn sprinkler systems, multiple service crews and maintaining over 3000 New Jersey residential and commercial properties, we utilize the best in class sprinkler systems with an award-winning service

How We Can Help?

From Planning the system and digging the trench to installing sprinkler heads and programming controllers, Dowd Irrigation will install your sprinkler system with its skilled workforce and high-quality equipment. Putting our extensive knowledge and over 35 years of experience of irrigation systems to use, we provide best in class results no matter the type of the landscape or the size of your property.

Working Process

Installing a lawn sprinkler system is a complex job involving a lot of planning and design. Whether you are purchasing a new property or installing on an existing one, Dowd Irrigation will ensure it is done right using only high-quality systems from the top irrigation companies

  • 1.Property Visit & Estimate
  • 2.Design & Planning
  • 3.Installation
  • 4.Completion & Maintenance

Residential and Commercial

We specialize in both residential and commercial installations.
From small homes to large properties, Dowd Irrigation does them all.
We have achieved a high level of professionalism that sets us apart from our competitors.
Our lawn sprinkler installations and repairs feature the entire Hunter product line. Hunter Industries is an award-winning brand of lawn sprinkler systems.
From turf heads to controllers, from valves to rain sensors, Dowd Irrigation installs the finest and most durable products in the industry.

Services Features:

Dowd Irrigation gives you the most personalized Lawn Sprinkler Installation Service . The owner Patrick Dowd, will visit you at your convenient time, survey your property and give you the most water efficient design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation time depends on the size of the property. However a typical installation is completed in one day. The owner, Patrick Dowd will come with a crew of 6 technicians and all of the required material and equipment to install your sprinkler system from start to finish.
Dowd Irrigation provides automated text and email based alerts 3 times a year to ensure your sprinkler system is working at optimum capacity.
In the spring we restart the system, In summer we do a complete system check and tune-up. And in the winter we come and prepare the system to be shut down to prevent any freeze damage.
All you have to do is respond to our easy, automated service announcements and our crew will come and service your sprinkler system.
Other than lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance, Dowd Irrigation also offers landscape lighting, sprinkler inspections for prospective property owners, and lawn care.​
Once you contact us using the web form, the owner Patrick Dowd will call or email you for an appointment. Generally, an evening appointment works best as we find most homeowners are available in the evening. We will visit the property, walk you through the entire process in about 20 minutes, and give an estimate.