Spring Service

With decades of experience servicing lawn sprinkler systems, multiple service crews, and maintaining over 3000 New Jersey residential and commercial properties, we provide the most reliable sprinkler start-up service.

How We Can Help?

When the winter ends and spring starts, it’s time to turn on your irrigation system and start watering again. Sprinkler system spring start-up is crucial, as your landscape begins to awaken from the cold winter. Dowd Irrigation provides a spring start-up service that will prepare your sprinkler system for the season so that it can work at its peak when your lawn comes to life.

As your sprinkler system was in the hibernation period during the winters, this service is a must for you as there are possibilities that the snow may have caused some serious damage to the sprinkler.

Working Process

Dowd Irrigation can get your sprinkler system back up and will make sure it runs smoothly after the winter has ended. When we start up your system, we do a full inspection to check for any damage or leaks and bring them to your attention. Our experts thoroughly check every component to ensure it is functioning as it its peak efficiency

In the entire process, if any part of the lawn sprinkler system is not functioning properly, we perform any necessary repairs. Dowd Irrigation takes full responsibility and we ensure that the system works well and can keep your landscape healthy and lush.

  • 1.Turn on the water valve located in the basement near the water meter
  • 2.Close the drain valve located outside the house at the bottom of the backflow
  • 3.Use the contact form to request the spring service and we will stop by
  • 4.Maintenance and automated alerts by email
If for any reason you find the instructions complicated, do not hesitate to reach out using the contact form

Video Commercials

Dowd Irrigation is the leading provider of lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance. Here are some of the videos  you may have seen on TV and on the internet.

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How do we start your sprinkler system?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical spring service is completed in about an hour. A service crew will visit your property with the required materials and equipment to start up your sprinkler system.
Dowd Irrigation provides automated text and email based alerts 3 times a year to ensure your sprinkler system is working at optimum capacity.
In the spring we restart the system, In summer we do a complete system check and tune-up. And in the winter we come and prepare the system to be shut down to prevent any freeze damage.
All you have to do is respond to our easy, automated service announcements and our crew will come and service your sprinkler system.
Other than our spring service and lawn sprinkler maintenance, Dowd Irrigation also offers landscape lighting, sprinkler inspections for prospective property owners and lawn care.
As soon as you contact us using the contact form, the owner Patrick Dowd will call or email you for an appointment. Once you are happy with the details, a highly experienced service crew will visit your property and service your sprinkler system.